“The Journal of Classic British Horror Films”    

by Richard Klemensen

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LSoH #8

**Reprint**  **Reprint**  **Reprint**



Published May 1982.  92 pages.


Ø     Ian Scoones interview (famed Hammer SPFX artist)


Ø     The Keith Dudley Report (lots of stories and info on Hammer and its films)


Ø     Pray For Me, Weil: The Karnstein Trilogy by Brucke G. Hallenbeck.


Ø     Two Little Seen Hammers: LEGEND OF THE SEVEN GOLDEN VAMPIRES & SHATTER by Dennis Fischer.


Ø     Interviews with:

§        Harry Fine

§        Tudor Gates

§        Karnstein Quotes

§        Jimmy Sangster

§        John Hough

§        John Hough

§        Derek Whitehurst

§        Scott Mac Gregor

§        Peter Cushing

§        Ingrid Pitt

§        Madeline Smith

§        Pippa Steele

§        Kate O’Mara

§        Ralph Bates

§        Damien Thomas

§        Veronica Carlson




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