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Little Shoppe of Horrors presents

Little Shoppe of Horrors #28


Front Cover

by Mark Maddox


Back Cover

by Ted Bohus


Inside Front Cover

by Mark Maddox

Inside Back Cover

by Dan Gallagher, Jr.



For the first time since 1972


Hammer Films returns with a full blown Gothic Horror film, based on Susan Hill’s famous ghost story, THE WOMAN IN BLACK.  Starring Daniel Radcliffe of “Harry Potter” fame.



Featuring –

¨     Daniel Radcliffe talks about THE WOMAN IN BLACK – two interviews with Constantine Nasr and Tony Earnshaw.


¨     “Ghosts of the Future Past – THE WOMAN IN BLACK and the Return of Hammer” by Constantine Nasr.


¨     “A Story of Haunting and Evil” – The Narrative of THE WOMAN IN BLACK (Book, Television Show & Stage Play) by Denis Meikle.


¨     “Where We Are Now” – A Brief History of Hammer by Denis Meikle.


¨     Interview with Simon Oakes – CEO of Hammer.  Conducted by Marcus Hearn.


¨     Interview with Susan Hill – The Author of THE WOMAN IN BLACK.  Conducted by Constantine Nasr (sidebar interview with woodcut artist of the WIB book, Andy English).


¨     Interview with Adrian Rawlins – Star of the acclaimed 1989 ITV version of THE WOMAN IN BLACK (and played Harry Potter’s father).  Conducted by Alan Wightman.


¨     “I Do Not See a Young Woman” – Noises Off: THE WOMAN IN BLACK on stage.  By David Taylor.


¨     Interview with Robin Herford – director of THE WOMAN IN BLACK Play.  Conducted by David Taylor.




-         Lunches with Jimmy – Memories of Jimmy Sangster by Tom Jahnson and Susan Cowie.


-         British Character Actors 2: Nigel Stock (Dr. Watson on BBC Television).  Interviewed by David Williams.


-         It Started as a Joke – Discovering the Censored Scenes from HORROR OF DRACULA.  (U.K. – DRACULA) By Simon Rowson and Stuart Hall.


-         Letters to LSoH & Fanzine and Book Reviews.



100 pages.  Dozens of rare photos, posters & artwork.


Front Cover by Mark Maddox

Interior Covers by Mark Maddox and Dan Gallagher, Jr.

Back Cover Design by Ted Bohus





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