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Little Shoppe of Horrors presents

Little Shoppe of Horrors #50



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Front Cover

by Mark Maddox



Back Cover

by William Stout


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Inside Front Cover

by Adrian Salmon



Inside Back Cover

by Colin Fenwick




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      When director Terence Fisher finished his version of the Dennis Wheatley novel - The Devil Rides Out, in late 1967, he would soon be acclaimed for what many consider the best movie that Hammer Films ever made. Time has entrenched it, indeed, among the greatest. Yet 5 years later and just two films more, Fisher was at the end of his career ... age, health and a changing film landscape ... but, again, Fisher would show all his talents in a dark finale to the Peter Cushing Baron Frankenstein series with Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell.




* The Keith Dudley Report
    What Keeps People Home at Night? What Would Bring Audiences out at Night? Part One: Hammer Films and the Plundering of BBC Radio.
* Confessions of a Monster Chick (YES, we do exist)
    by Pam Murray
* 'I Shall Not Be Back ... But Something Will...
    The Angel of Death - The Making of THE DEVIL RIDES OUT by Bruce G. Hallenbeck
    *** Charles Gray - 'In God's name, you dare not. Scarcely in the name of God Monsieur le Duc...'
    *** Michael Stainer-Hutchins (Special Effects) by Kiffy & Rachael Stainer-Hutchins.
    *** The Hammer/Seven Arts/20th Century Fox Connection 1965-1967.
    An Analysis of Richard Matheson's Screenplay for The Devil Rides Out
    by Constantine Nasr
* 'An Unexpected Tale' - Inside Roald Dahl's TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED
    by John Stoker
* 'To Baron Frankenstein - Creator of Man';
* 'Fresh blood, Fresh Brains' - The Making of FRANKENSTEIN AND THE MONSTER FROM HELL
    by Bruce G. Hallenbeck
* Anton Diffring-Family, Politics and Typecasting
    by Christopher Gullo


  Plus - "Fools Rush In..." Editorial * Letters to LSoH *
  Ralph's One-and-Only Travelling Reviews Company *

Hammer News * 100 Pages


** Lots of Original Artwork and Rare Photos



Front Cover by Mark Maddox

Back Cover by William Stout

Inside Front Cover by Adrian Salmon

Inside Back Cover by Colin Fenwick

The Best Classic British Horror Film Coverage Since 1972



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