“The Journal of Classic British Horror Films”    

by Richard Klemensen

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The Astounding “B” Monster

Marty Bauman keeps you up to date in all the monster happenings.

Bear Manor Media

Bear Manor Media

Leading book publisher on movies, tv and entertainment. Great Books!

British Horror Films

Just what the title says. forum, reviews and lots of stuff on British Horror.


 is the only magazine in the world dedicated to movies of the 60s and 70s. With writers such as Christopher Lee, Robert Vaughn and Sir Christopher Frayling on board



Very intelligent film magazine covering film making, past and present, all over the world.

The Classic Horror Film Board

The Best Classic Horror film message board. I go there often.

Classic Monsters of the Movies

Classic Monsters of the Movies

UK quarterly 'zine with wonderful photos.



 is the new site for readers who enjoy all types of fantastic media, from comic books television and movies to video games and more.




Very sophisticated magazine on the genre, now just on line.

Dark Side Magazine


FAB Press

Great line of fantasy film books and other collectables.

Freaky Monsters

Freaky Monsters

Looks at the classic horror films of the past. From the former editor/publisher of Famous Monsters.



Best magazine around covering the Japanese fantasy scene. Godzill rules!

Hammer Films

Official site.

Hemlock Books

The Dark Side of Cinema


Hemlock Books on E-Bay

Hollywood Memorabilia

This is the premiere destination for authentic Hollywood entertainment memorabilia and collectibles.


Latarnia: Fantastique International

Spanish horror, Italian gothic horrors, cool Krimis, and more.

Liquid Cheese

Liquid Cheese

Fun, fanciful, and wildly entertaining look at all kinds of cool movies.

McFarland & Co. Publishing

Publisher of many wonderful genre books.

The oldest fanzine around and one of the best.  Great genre books.

Monster Bash

Monster Bash

Classic publication from the producers of one of the great monster movie conventions.

Monster Mania

Dealer in lots of great materials, and a wonderful convention.

All monsters, all the time!

Jim Clatterbaugh’s great golden age fanzine.


French language site and Blog devoted to horror films and Hammer films in particular.  Lots of wonderful visuals and posters.

Mad Scientist

Mad Scientist

Fanzine with all the best qualities you would want in a 'zine.

Murad has been an artist and designer for LSoH for almost as long as the
magazine has been in existence. His work has appeared with Walt Disney,
CRACKED Magazine and many other outlets. He also has directed two films.
Check out his site!"

Peveril Publishing

Peveril Publishing

Wayne Kinsey is one of the leading experts on Hammer films in the world and has published a number of superb books on the company.

Go back to the good feelings of FAMOUS MONSTERS/CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEIN with this magazine.



Always interesting magazine looking at current and older movies.

Shock Cinema

Shock Cinema

You like great interviews and fun movie reviews. The tops.

Great soundtrack CDs produced here.

Ted Bohus wonderful magazine of articles and interviews on classic Sci Fi and horror from the 50’s & 60’s, etc.

Also lets you know of other projects and movies from Ted B.

Steve Karchin’sAlphaville

Site for LSoH's talented cover artist. Alphaville is a store/gallery that specializes in vintage toys and posters.

That's All Vokes

That’s All Vokes!

A forum dedicated to sharing Neil’s comic projects with fans and friends.

Producer of DVD on Roy Ashton & Phil Leakey and great books such as the

Best film magazine around.

Zeta Minor

Information about cult movies and TV series, including news and reviews
of new DVD releases. The site includes a comprehensive guide to the
availability of Hammer films on DVD.


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